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Website development for a logistics company


So, Mirman is a logistics corporation based in Switzerland. We have known the owners of this company for a long time, they are great guys and turned to us for branding and a website from scratch, they wanted a total redesign.

We started with the logo and brand concept, as always. Color scheme, message, tagline, visual elements. We believe that the site is a continuation of the logo, they cannot be separated. We drew competitors, partners, everything that the client likes in style and started developing the visual part.

The logo had to be banal and simple, readable and with a good focus on the symbolism. We chose a link to a cube, an association with a package, a three-dimensional image, an emphasis on the letter M.

Site elements

We chose the logo, we are satisfied, we moved on - the main screen, elements.

No, well, of course, after the logo came business cards, a letter template, an invoice template, and a mock-up of an imprint for the company's seal. But this is not the most interesting. We create graphic design in a package with a website for full-fledged branding in a common style. For us, it's just an add-on.

So, the main screen is a consequence of the stylistic idea of the logo and the concept of the company. The first thing we ask is what is the purpose of the site? In general, what is the purpose of the business? It is clear that making money, but what is the specific goal? To develop, change the sphere, unite brands. Mirman's goal is to grow and move more online in the field of admissions. Offices in Switzerland were completely closed, but you have to work and earn money. Therefore, the purpose of the site in this situation is to automate the acceptance of applications and status, because updating the site means investing in self-promotion.

Companies that carry out rebranding inspire trust and confidence in the client/consumer/customer, because this is how you keep up with the times!

On the main screen, we placed quotes that are loaded automatically; a phone for quick communication, it is also available on a mobile phone, the main buttons for quick navigation and an order form, which will be discussed further.

Application form

Previously, the form was sent to the client by e-mail, after which the client filled it out (sometimes by hand) and sent it back to the managers. What delayed the deadlines could lead to misunderstandings due to handwriting or a fuzzy photo, problems finding a scanner, and so on. There is only one conclusion: if the client is uncomfortable, he can leave. Also, the application was filled out by phone, it took an average of more than 15 minutes to process one application.

Our application is data entry fields for fast data processing. To forward the application to other departments (in the case of multimodal transportation), to collect customer data and save time for managers.

Page of types of services and other pages of the site

We have systematized the types of services for a long time. We collected them in groups, consulted with Mirman's employees, with employees of colleagues from Moscow, but nevertheless we came to a denominator and finished these most difficult pages of the site.

The other pages are info pages - we love them very much, because they are simple and fast to typeset, and they usually serve as info content on the site. History, contacts, projects, company page, it should be nice to read and interesting to watch.


Infographics for the site took its rightful place, a large number of graphics were put together to visualize the types of services, types of wagons, trains, raw materials and other things.

Mobile version

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