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Website design for the project of volleyball player Lukas Divish


This project required full support, from the logo to the development of the site. Lukas wanted to create a blog website with the publication of his own nutrition programs for further monetization. The site had to be "flexible", with the possibility of adding further improvements for programs, marathons, a calculator and other delights of automating the site.

We found the dformula.ru domain, and the motifs of the main screen and elements went from the logo. We started from the dynamic Lukas, who loves sports, leads an active lifestyle and prefers proper nutrition.


News block: why is it? at least to alert site visitors about news, even the most insignificant. After all, if you want to publish them, then they must be seen. News blocks also have advantages in terms of SEO, advertising and promotion. Not familiar with this yet? Ask us, we will answer.

And, of course, the page of one article, it should also be convenient and functional - linking with other articles for greater depth of views.


And here is Lukas's block of programs. We didn't specifically show what they look like, because it's more important that we always create such sections, ALWAYS implying the most diverse options for further development of this section. In particular, Lukas - the section of programs suggests a certain number of programs and tags for these programs, whether it's weight loss, health, weight gain or drying, or .. or .. ad infinitum. By the way, everything is edited and added from the admin panel - Lukas doesn't need us for this. And that is our work policy. You will pay more than average for our development, but then you can safely not depend on anyone.

Мобильная версия

Adaptive - namely mobile and tablet versions of the site - is the key to a successful visit to your site from anywhere in the world from any device. We all perfectly understand that there are people in the world who, in principle, do not use a computer. And vice versa, basically do not use a smartphone. Although this may seem strange to you personally, it is dry statistics. Therefore, we never forget about all versions of the site visualization - all the functionality is different at all resolutions. From 320 to 2560.

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