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Types and features of mobile applications

Before ordering a mobile application design, the designer will specify what type you need. The volume of services, time and cost of development will depend on this.

Let's single out 4 main directions:

1. Web. Focus on adaptability and responsiveness. The layout is convenient on various screen resolutions. Page loading time, internal navigation, forms for contacting users are taken into account. This is the same site, only with a convenient icon on the phone.

2. Built-in (embedded). It's more about software. When you enter it, the work of certain equipment or equipment starts. An everyday example: controlling a robot vacuum cleaner / chandelier / air conditioner via a smartphone, connecting a printer, smart home systems, etc. The task is resource-intensive and usually the designer works in a chain with the developer.

3. Mobile applications. These are the games, calculators, currency converters and other “useful things” that we download through the app store on Android or iOS. This takes into account the limited space and features of mobile screens. Mobile app designers make extensive use of gestures, drag and drop, navigation bars, and context menus to facilitate user interaction with an app.

4. Desktop. Creation of interfaces for applications on computers. Focus on usability with mouse and keyboard, taking into account the large screen for control. The goal is to create a pleasant user experience on the computer.

What is included in the work of a web designer

Designer services can include both concept development from scratch and redesign of an existing interface. It cannot be said which is easier: to work from scratch, or to make adjustments and changes. On our own behalf, we will say that any work must be done correctly and professionally.

Our work includes the following items:

• Conceptualization. Based on the requirements of the client and the requests of the audience, the main functions and characteristics of the application are determined.

• Creation of information architecture. Designing the structure and distribution of information within the application.

• UI/UX design. Clear and attractive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). This includes choosing a color scheme, creating controls, rendering icons, animations, and other elements.

• Prototype. An interactive mockup for testing the app's functionality and navigation. Until the physical implementation has come, you can make changes here.

• Mobile adaptation. Checking the correct display on different resolutions and platforms.

• Development of a set of styles. Implementation of custom colors, typography, interface components and other visualizations into a single concept.

• Integration. Converting graphic elements into working code and integrating them with the database and backend.

It is clear that for such a task we draw up a proposal, calculate the time for design, lay the budget and possible scenarios (additions, number of edits, additional wishes).

Why you should order a professional app design

A convenient panel, a logical cabinet, beautiful graphics and instant loading will definitely give a good result.

How it is expressed:

• User retention. Attractive graphics arouse interest in a person. It's just a pleasure to enter such an application.

• Greater percentage of visitor returns due to a convenient and understandable personal account, navigation and fast loading.

• Development of the brand, company recognition, consolidation of a good reputation and advantageous presentation against competitors.

• Saving time and budget. When deciding to order services from an official studio, you insure yourself against amateurs, overdue orders and poor-quality work, and the contract guarantees a fixed cost for each volume of services.

If you want to know the prices of design works, leave your request in the form on the site, or write to us in a messenger or social network. Our team will analyze the niche, form a preliminary proposal and send it to you. If you have a completed task, it will speed up the process.

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