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Branding is a separate part of the design, because if it has not been developed earlier, then any work on the representation of the company on the Internet begins with it. Branding includes elements that are subsequently used in all digital graphics.

Format of cooperation
The approach to structuring information and setting goals is very important in this work, branding is done seriously and for a long time. We will ask you about the company, about plans and goals, about the target audience, about competitors, about your advantages and the impression you want to make on the consumer. And based on the data received from you, let's get to work.
Turnkey branding services
Turnkey branding services from 1000€

Brand and corporate identity development is a mix of creativity and dry analytics. Before sitting down to create a layout and select font styles and color schemes, the designer needs to clearly understand what we want to convey, to whom and in what way we will do it. In a design agency, this is called strategy. And the success or failure of the business, the desire or unwillingness of a person to buy / order / cooperate with this brand partly depends on its competent compilation.

Assembling a brand book based on the developed style, strategy and mission, a complete style guide for using the corporate identity and other desired information about the brand.
Printed business cards, forms, flyers, packaging, brochures are part of the project and we undertake their implementation. We develop print design for any format. Testing, prepress.
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