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About us

About direction

It so happened that in 2008 we started working in the field of graphic design, but it's no secret that no profession exists autonomously, we somehow encountered the digital world.

And since January 2016, we finally went to interfaces and the web

We can no longer create multi-page printed booklets when it is possible to create a monolithic presentation with animation and send it to WhatsApp.

There are no costs for printing, distribution, it turns out not word of mouth, but word of mouth television, this is such a scope for imagination and implementation!

We create UX

User Experience, that is, the experience of user interaction with the product, positive experience is everything that affects the emotions and decisions of the user. It covers a range of disciplines such as user interface design, usability, accessibility, information architecture, and human-computer interaction.

Contrary to many opinions, UX is not just an interface

User experience design is the culmination of content, research, design, and strategy and its impact on the delivery, sale, and use of a digital product or service. In many ways, it's about delivering on brand promises and recognizing that customer feelings matter to the business owner.

Do you respect your user? then UX design is for you

All our products are created with UX in mind, from the landing page to the multi-level automation system. With our design, the client does not look for a button to press, does not get lost in search of the necessary information, everything is systematized, simple and clear.


Milakova Zhanna Alekseevna, founder of MISSOFFDESIGN studio, user interface designer UX, UI, CX

Working in the field of design and digital design for more than 10 years, we have assembled a team of professionals who can handle absolutely any task. Of course, we attract contractors from the fields of video and photo graphics, 3D visualization, copywriting, marketing, language translations, but we have been working with all our partner companies for more than a year or two and always vouch for the quality of performance.

We are not looking for freelancers to work

As for our employees, each of them went through a difficult and productive path of becoming a professional in their field, whether it be analytics, design, interface design, layout, development or testing. Each of our employees is a unique person, therefore all our works are unique and unrepeatable.

MISSOFFDESIGN: faster, more convenient and result oriented
Access to the project at any time and from anywhere in the world
The client just needs to go to the address of the project and see at what stage it is. You can immediately see how much work has been done, you can leave your comments or ask questions here. No more file transfers and no more daily trips to the office
Designers, project managers and clients can work on the same project at the same time. Make edits, ask questions, leave comments on the entire project or its individual elements - they will be immediately seen by other project participants
Convenient version history
You no longer need to go through dozens of files in search of the version you need. Figma saves version history, allowing you to roll back to any of them in a few clicks. For example, if the client decided to return some design element that was removed in recent versions. It's comfortable
Correct display on any device
Previously, in order to open a project from a file, it was necessary to install the software, connect the fonts used. Viewing from a smartphone was almost impossible. You can open our projects on any device by simply clicking on the link. Fonts, colors, images, расстояния между элементами – все в размер
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