Our story

Graphic design

In 2008 we started working in the field of graphic design, but it's no secret that no profession exists autonomously, and we had to deal with the digital world.

Web design

Since 2019, we have completely gone into the web and interfaces. We can’t create multi-page printed booklets any longer when it is possible to create a monolithic presentation with animation. No costs for printing and promotion, it turns out to be not just a word of mouth, but a song to sing, this is a huge scope for imagination and realization!

How we co-operate


Communication. Call or write us, ask all your questions and get detailed answers and professional advice from our specialists


Commercial Offer (CO). If you are not familiar with us or are in doubt about what exactly you need, we may create a commercial offer based on your information about the desired result of work, or we assess the old site and your wishes. The commercial offer is made for free, only information is needed from you. In it we offer an option for a unique website design, implementation options and price options.


Technical Task. Either you are satisfied with the commercial proposal, or you know about us not by hearsay - we proceed to approve a detailed technical assignment for the development with a description of all the stages of work, terms and necessary functions of the site.


Payment. We work on 100% prepayment. Installment and discount options depend on the circumstances (for example, an animal shelter site may qualify for an installment plan, or a second site from the same customer will have a discount). We also sign a contract for works with all the details and regulations.


Design. Next comes the part of the implementation of the design layout of the site, which is developed in the Figma program, to which you have access and can watch online the progress of the workflow from anywhere in the world. At the design development stage, you will need a lot of help from your employees in providing the necessary information for the site. The faster they react, the less delays there will be. And vice versa. The price list indicates our terms required for work. At the end of the development of the design layout, we either organize a workshop to discuss and approve the project, or we conduct the approval online by receiving comments and approval from all employees who make a decision on the new site.


Development. Then we are moving on to the site programming (converting images into program code, basically front-end). We write in js, use a little php, always keep an eye on loading speed, performance and usability. In the event of conflicting situations (for example, while we are making up your site, an update of the CMS is released, which allows us to implement the planned with a more modern method), we offer the customer this option and promptly switch to updates. For us, quality always comes first. Upon completion of each new page, we post it to our test domain so that you can go in and click everything to check.


Admin panel. Having finished the programming of the user’s part of the site, we connect it to the administrative panel, which is for the owner of the site. It has to be approved previously in the technical task. Quite a dreary and painstaking business, you do not see our work at this stage, but upon completion you will receive instructions from us on adding and editing content and you can independently use your site.


Testing. This is an obligatory stage that can take place immediately on your domain, if no one knows your site yet. Or on our test domain, in order not to shock your users with small bugs, cuz they always appear. Getting used to the administrative panel comes very quickly, but there are still hitches. This is what the testing phase is for. By the way, about the domain. We may do the selection of unique domain, if you did not find yours so far. You can choose your hosting, or ours.


Support and maintenance. After the official publication and delivery of the site, having signed all the acts of delivery of the project and the transfer of access, we are always ready to work with the client further, providing monthly support and maintenance of the site. You can add everything you need to the standard service - making edits and improvements, graphic design for your site (promotional materials), writing advertising articles, SEO optimization, promotion, advertising in Google, setting up and maintaining an online chat with a client, and much more.

Our team


Jane Ovchinnikova, founder of MISSOFFDESIGN studio, designer of user interfaces UX, UI, CX

Having worked in the field of design and digital design for over 10 years, we have assembled a team of professionals who can cope with absolutely any task. Of course, we attract contractors from the fields of video and photo graphics, 3D visualization, copywriting, marketing, language translations, but we have been co-operating with them for more than a year or two and we always guarantee the quality of performance.

As for our staff, each of them has gone through a difficult and productive path of becoming a professional in their field, whether it be analytics, design, interface design, front-end or testing. Each of our employees is a unique personality, therefore all our works are unique and incomparable.

For confidentiality reasons, we do not share the names and photos of employees. Thanking for understanding.