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Turnkey branding. We will reveal your uniqueness
Brand and corporate identity development is a mix of creativity and dry analytics. Before sitting down to create a layout and select font styles and color schemes, the designer needs to clearly understand what we want to convey, to whom and in what way we will do it. In a design agency, this is called strategy. And the success or failure of the business, the desire or unwillingness of a person to buy / order / cooperate with this brand partly depends on its competent compilation.

What should be the corporate style:

• Attractive: bold, unusual, sometimes bold.

• Appropriate and logical, coincide with the idea of the brand.

• Unique. A design that is not repeated anywhere else.

• Modern, taking into account trend trends.

When creating a brand, we use background layout, unusual text arrangement, animation and 3D elements. We do our best to keep the corporate design in line with today's trends. You can order rebranding from us - updating the corporate identity or a turnkey brand for a new trademark.

What corporate identity development includes?

We offer to order the services of a branding agency at a competitive cost. We delve into the task, divide it into stages and achieve a positive result.

Turnkey branding in our studio consists of the following processes:

• Research and analysis. An analysis of the company, market and target audience is carried out. The main goals and positioning of the brand are determined.

• branding strategy. A brand's unique message and values are contemplated, which will form the basis of its identity and promise to consumers.

• Identification. A logo, graphic elements, color palette and typography are created to visually represent the brand.

• Visual and graphics. The design of the packaging, website and promotional materials is developed in accordance with the corporate identity of the company.

• Corporate style guide. Documentation is written on the elements of corporate identity and their use, training events are held for employees.

Before taking an order for development and setting prices, the customer fills out a brief, on the basis of which a contract for design and branding services is drawn up. The development of a corporate identity implies a phased approval of work by the customer, so we ask our customers to keep in touch.

Why you should order branding in MISSOFFDESIGN studio

Our clients want to be the first, not "one of the". To make it happen, we turn on our creativity, turn to experience and our knowledge. Boring and dull - this is not about us. Our feature is a fresh, modern look even at ordinary things. Spice it up with technically verified formats, correct and complete layout - and you have a ready-made turnkey brand in front of you.

We will rebrand or create a corporate identity from scratch:

• We will find and beat your differences from competitors.

• We will make your corporate identity recognizable.

• We will convey your mission and message.

• We will convince you of your professionalism and expertise.

• We will make a single solution for different formats: website, printing, social networks, etc.

We also have an affordable price for design and branding. The cost of services is calculated based on the volume, complexity of the task, the number of improvements and possible additions. In order for us to be able to send an offer and prices for it, please fill out the form or call us. We guarantee 24/7 feedback and work on the result.

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