2008 - 2024

Branding and identity project of volleyball player Lukas Divish



This project required complete branding, from the logo to clothing and website development. Also, full marketing support “for the task” was carried out. Materials were developed for 3 phases of sports programs with the translation of each into English and the development of an advertising campaign.

The main motive for creating the logo for the Lukas Divis project was the very essence of the program: a professional athlete reveals the secrets of nutrition and keeping himself “in shape” – a certain formula for “success”.
The Slovak origin of Lukas prompted us to emphasize the Latin alphabet in writing part of the name. The color scheme was dictated by the author's dynamic lifestyle and the association of new, fresh, healthy and clean with bright green.


Website and marketing

Next, a website was developed and a marketing campaign for the programs was launched.

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