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Advertising and business promotion in social networks

Social networks have long been an effective source of sales and attracting traffic to the site. SMM promotion is used by all areas of business. The cost of advertising in social networks is comparable to contextual advertising, but the effect and payback of the budget can move advertising in search to second place.

The task of professional SMM is not just to publish posts and stories, but to turn views into conversions - to bring real income to the client. To do this, you should order promotion in social networks in a specialized marketing agency. There, they will develop a promotion strategy for you, draw up a detailed plan and outline prospects within an acceptable budget.

MISSOFF Studio invites you to order a comprehensive SMM marketing with the selection of the format and venues for display:

•                    Publication method: text ads, photos and images, video ads, product carousel, live broadcasts.

•                    Display geography: International platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Printerest and Russian networks: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Moi Mir.

•                    Advertising in messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, etc.

•                    Paid placements and advertising with top bloggers.

We will analyze what is best for your area, analyze the behavior of your competitors in social networks, offer several options for a monthly budget and calculate the expected effect of promotion.

SMM manager services in a marketing agency MISSOFF DESIGN

In our studio you can order promotion and promotion in social networks. We select the format of cooperation: from maintaining a turnkey profile to one-time work. The cost of services is calculated based on the volume of the task, or the time spent on execution.

How we work in SMM:

•                    We are developing a strategy. We determine the goals, audience, tactics of your presence in social networks.

•                    We make an account. We use corporate identity and a unique visual: a header, icons, an avatar, etc.

•                    We write content and create graphics. We place posts, articles, images.

•                    We develop advertising companies. Effective advertising in social networks: cost per click, budget, suitable ad formats according to business requirements.

•                    We interact with users. SMM manager responds to comments, participates in dialogue, provides support.

We monitor the performance of social media companies, analyze metrics (reach, engagement, conversions) and provide reports with valuable recommendations. For example, a weekly, monthly, or quarterly report.

The price of advertising in social networks

Unlike other studios, we do not have tariff plans and a fixed cost for promotion in social networks. The reason is simple - what caused success in one case may not have the same effect in another niche. There cannot be the same promotion and price per show for a capital residential complex and a budget perfumery store, for example. It all depends on the audience, competitors, the assigned plan (aggressive or smooth impressions), and the budget for promotion.

The price of SMM services consists of the following factors:

•                    Involvement of specialists: designers, copywriters, project managers.

•                    The volume and complexity of work, the number of ordered graphics and announcements.

•                    Timing of promotion, frequency of reports.

•                    The number of selected social networks and the creation of advertiser cabinets.

Before calculating the cost of promotion, we conduct a consultation, offer the client to fill out a brief and describe what exactly he wants to receive from advertising. Perhaps this will be a one-time setting, or constant maintenance and monitoring of advertising. Next, we make our suggestions, indicate what can be added, and what function will be useless. When we come to a common decision, we sign a contract and start working. To contact us, please leave your contacts in the form on the site or send a message to a convenient messenger.

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