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Order the services of a graphic designer in a professional studio

Are you looking for a professional performer? Do you have a task that needs to be done perfectly? Then we are 99.9% likely to help you solve your issue.

Our studio works in the following areas:

· Graphic arts. Creation of logos, branding, advertising materials, banners and other graphic elements.

· Web design. Website visual development, adaptation for mobile devices, widgets, sliders, banners, landing pages.

· User interfaces (UI) and user experience (UX). User account, subscription, purchase history, mobile application.

· Packaging and POS materials: labels, business cards, flyers, brochures, box design, stickers, menus, services, etc.

· Marketing. Development of advertising, presentations, commercial proposals.

We know how to hear the client, delve into the task, develop the concept and bring the result to the ideal. More than 15 years of experience, hundreds of successful cases, including large foreign companies. And we also have an affordable cost, fixed terms and round-the-clock feedback.

Development of a design concept is the key to a successful job

The concept is a kind of dialogue between a computer designer and a customer. This is the basis that determines the idea and direction of design and corporate identity.

Professional computer designer services are required to include this stage.

What does the concept include:

· Defining the overall style, aesthetic and visualization that pervades all design elements.

· Orientation to the audience, taking into account the expectations and preferences of the user.

· Brand identity, highlighting among hundreds of similar offers.

· A guide to action and simplification of the choice of color, font, graphics.

Before starting the process, we always draw up a detailed brief (questionnaire) for the client. Based on the wishes of the customer, the studio creates a conceptual idea, develops sketches, layouts, and moodboards of the future design. Then we prepare a contract indicating the terms, cost and scope of services. After the presentation of the finished project and approval of the design, we hand over the work.

We help businesses solve their problems

Our goal is to reflect the uniqueness of your brand, distinguish your product or service from competitors, attract the attention of the audience and increase the number of buyers.

How MISSOFF DESIGN will be useful specifically for you:

1. Let us present your business or product in the best possible light.

2. We focus on the strengths of the company.

3. Let's create a positive image.

4. We will bring new buyers with a selling design.

If you want to order a computer design once and with high quality, without wasting time and nerves on editing, then you are definitely in the right place with us. We stand with both hands for courage, creativity and non-standard ideas. We are not afraid of complex tasks and we are happy to take on small projects.

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