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What does the service consist of?
A page on social networks is an integral part of corporate style, your way of communicating with customers, your image, and some of them also have direct sales.

Social media design includes:
- Platform cover, avatar, preview of goods/services, preview of menu items (if available)

Development of templates for 3 typical posts or 3 typical video covers. They are given in Figma, the client's sms manager can easily create new material based on these templates to preserve the general style of channels and accounts.

Ideally, you get a unique and easily recognizable page with high conversion. What it will look like depends on the company, its target audience and the specifics of goods or services.
Cooperation format
Task - Creation of a detailed design specification with a description of the stages, deadlines and necessary features of the task.

Design - Next comes the part of the implementation of the design layout, which is developed in the Figma program, to which you have access and can observe the progress of the workflow from anywhere in the world. During the design development stage, your employees will need a lot of help in providing the necessary information for the presentation. The faster they respond, the less time delays there will be. And vice versa. At the end of the development of the design layout, we either convene a workshop to discuss and approve the project, or we approve it online, by receiving comments and approval from all employees who make decisions on the project.
Stages of project delivery
Contract – We work as a legal entity under a contract. We will provide a blank of the contract, we will help to formulate additional clauses. We do bookkeeping, provide all the necessary documents for reporting.

We work on 100% prepayment

Delivery of the project - The final work is submitted as a file in the format described in the Task, a backup copy is stored with us indefinitely and can be provided upon request. Access to the project development file can be closed after the work is completed. Also, at the end, certificates of acceptance and transfer of materials are signed in the approved format.
Design for one account
Comprehensive design for social networks
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