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What does the service consist of?
Our specialists have extensive experience in optimization. We provide the following services:

- We are working on compiling the correct semantic core, selecting keywords and phrases.
- We optimize the resource program code.
We are working on re-linking the site.
- We monitor the increase in link weight.
- We analyze competing web resources to grow pros and cons, then we optimize the site and work on low-quality elements.
- We check the content, work on it (at the same time, we take into account the requirements of the semantic core).

We monitor the constant updating of the site, because customers will not be interested in irrelevant information. In addition, we always analyze the results obtained and work to improve them if necessary.
Cooperation format
Due to optimization, we rarely work with single orders with hourly pay. Usually, such a task is of a permanent nature, or it is a complex work (several different services).

TT - Creation of a detailed technical task for work with a description of the stages, deadlines and necessary features of the task.

From frequent requests in our TOR: Core assembly, link mass, copywriting, promotion to top 3, top 10, top 30, work with site content

Stages of project delivery
Contract – We work as a legal entity under a contract. We will provide a blank of the contract, we will help to formulate additional clauses. We do bookkeeping, provide all the necessary documents for reporting.

100% prepayment.

Delivery of the project - The final work is submitted in the form described in the Task, backup copies are stored with us indefinitely and can be provided upon request. Access to the files of the project development can be closed after the completion of the work of contact termination. Also, at the end, certificates of acceptance and transfer of materials are signed in the approved format.
Hourly payed work
Monthly complex work
from 700€
SEO copywriting
from 30€
Implementation examples
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