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Business design of an investment proposal


Any design product is created from an analytical process: structuring all information. It happens that the client is not sure how exactly to cut down the information and the terms of product creation increase due to the evaluation and identification of dominant and secondary information. But in this case, the client gave the finished text with dry extracts and the right words, without the need to adjust the content. This saves a lot of work time.

Infographics play a crucial role in products of this kind. Data visualization is the best way to grab and hold the reader's attention. But it’s not worth it to dazzle with a mountain of icons, there should be harmony and balance. If the information is not very important, perhaps it should be removed.

Work on business presentations always comes down to a marketing basis, whether it is a commercial offer, a presentation of a product to investors, a business plan, statistics, a summary report. It is necessary to understand the psychology of people from different fields in order to competently build the structure of the presentation, for the necessary accents, perhaps for more attention to the visual than to the texts, or maybe vice versa - only numbers and nothing more.

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