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Website development for the manufacturer of thermal imaging and digital devices ARKON

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To develop an interface for an online store in a rather specific topic - hunting and weapons. The renders of the fixtures themselves are already beautiful and we wanted to use them as a base, but some additional decoration was missing

It was decided to use the visual “game” of day/night modes with the display of the forest view in the daytime and at night with the animal illuminated by a thermal imager. The whole site is laced with graphics and image transitions, which creates the necessary memorable impression.

Dynamic block of categories and series

Dynamic blocks with infographics are our favorite way to visualize and organize information. This technique perfectly allows you to save space, provide the user with all the necessary information in an accessible and understandable way.

Also, a similar combination of graphic elements and images was used in the preview of the series and on the pages of the series themselves

Functional Features

Catalog and product card

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