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AGORA website redesign


In the process of cooperation, a new layout of the site also needed to be finalized, which had to be left as much as possible within the framework of the style already created by the previous designer, however, we proposed and successfully implemented more relevant solutions for placing information on the pages of the site. Also, the adaptives of tablet and mobile versions of the pages have undergone changes for better usability.

Initially, the actual kit was assembled with all the elements and components for use in the current layout and for further work, not necessarily with us.

After bringing all the pages of the new site to a common style and a single set of components, we began to adjust the content of the pages. Blocks with lists and items were assembled taking into account adaptives and usability.

New site pages

As necessary, new pages of the site are created, which must not only be created in a single style and format, but also fit them into the general existing structure of the site.

Development of interfaces “for the task”

In addition to the website, the company has products that are developed for customers and partners. Interface elements are also created as needed.

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