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SEO promotion - 6 criteria for a successful campaign

SEO promotion in internet marketing studio Missoffdesign

SEO promotion of virtual pages has been an eternal topic for the owner and administrator of the site. It is important not only to know the basic principles of promotion, but also to effectively apply them to work in practice.

What is Seo for?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of a website for search engines. These are certain methods and measures by which search engines increase search traffic and the importance of a web page. Simply put, optimization is a set of features that help a site move into the top rankings in any search engine, and therefore attract more visitors.

It is important to consider that at the moment there is no specific instruction that would help to promote the site in the search engine rankings. Website promotion is a complex and complex work that needs constant attention. Successful promotion depends on the following criteria:

      Quality filling. Any information must be fully prepared and useful to users. This applies to videos, photos, articles and similar content.
      commercial factor. On a commercial page or in an online store, information such as contact details, a basket in which you can add the selected product, a purchase form, the presence of search filters, as well as other factors that will benefit customers, must be placed.
      Store structure. Criteria needs to immediately find the information it's interested in, so it's important to make the page accessible and easy to navigate.
      Personal brand and number of links. When customers like a product, they tell their friends about it, for the search engine, this directly indicates that if the store is popular, it will be referred to in other sources.
      Page loading. This item is one of the most important parameters, because the Internet and mobile devices are becoming more popular. You should optimize your code and scripts so that the page loads as quickly as possible. It is important that any loading on the user's screen takes no more than three seconds.
      It is also important to examine the interface of the program. The page should display well on any device.

In addition, it is important to keep an eye on the behavioral ranking factor (indicators that show how the visitor behaves). It gives the search engine a sign that users consider the resource to be of high quality.

Ranking is influenced by the following factors:

      Number of exits from the page;
      Depth of product analysis;
      The number of minutes the user spent in the store.

However, not everything is so simple, because there is a constant change in search filters. Because of this, the methods that were used last week may not work today, but will function effectively in 2 days.

It is important to understand the principles of promoting a business in a search program. SMM-specialists help with this, you can order website promotion on our website.

What do our experts do

Our specialists have extensive experience, which is aimed at Internet marketing. We provide the following services:

      We are working on compiling the correct semantic core, selecting keywords and phrases.
      We optimize the resource program code.
      We are working on re-linking the site.
      We monitor the increase in link weight.
      We analyze competing web resources to grow pros and cons, then we optimize the site and work on low-quality elements.
      We check the content, work on it (at the same time, we take into account the requirements of the semantic core).

We monitor the constant updating of the site, because customers will not be interested in irrelevant information. In addition, we always analyze the results obtained and work to improve them if necessary.

Differences between external and internal promotion - what services do we provide?

External optimization

If you order external optimization, we provide measures that are directed to external resources. These include link mass and recognition of a personal business. To build a high-quality link mass, we write and publish articles on third-party popular sites, exchange links with popular servers, post press releases, work with a journalist, actively publish content on a profile forum, work to increase the popularity of a business without interacting with links. .

Working with Internal Optimization

These are actions that our specialists carry out inside the store, without involving third-party platforms. Our specialists develop txt and xml files, optimize the page (write content, meta tags and title, perform one-page optimization), fix technical errors, optimize video and photos, work with the behavioral factor, improve the structure and interface, make up the semantic core at the preliminary stage, do relinking, work with commercial software.

At the same time, all presented parameters are constantly analyzed and processed if necessary. We have a special checklist for any topic and check the page against it. Our workers never miss a detail or make mistakes that would end up losing traffic.

Our team distinguishes itself from others by using exceptional only white, not gray or black, promotion methods (white methods are legal, while gray and black optimization violate the legal requirements of search resources, when using them, the site is blocked by the administration and cannot be developed further).

Thus, our team sums up all the necessary actions to advance along the white paths. We analyze the market and always know what our customers need to increase user loyalty. We are always open to discussing details and correcting certain elements. Our work is based on long-term cooperation with customers. We have a favorable price for website promotion.

See more information on our blog or contact us, we can help you with a solution for your business.
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