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Website development for a jewelry brand in Switzerland

Desktop, tablet, mobile

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Develop an interface for an online jewelry store with a custom jewelry designer.

The goal is to create a simple and clear order panel with all the details in a beautiful form, but also with a great UX.


A logo in the center of which is a stylized diamond-shaped composition, as a direct association with the theme of the site. The logo and corporate identity are also created by our company.

The social media and other icons have a familiar layout on the site for ease of use, but are also designed to be lightweight and too flashy.

Static pages

Quite a simple and structured interface of information pages to display all the necessary information


This is a very important part of the site, an order builder with metal types, shapes, stones and clarity options with visuals.

It took a long time to structure the different styles of jewelry due to the variety of jewelry these days. In this block, the customer was the primary type installer.

Even though it's a classic construction set, we didn't forget to add some creativity to it. So all the details of the interface are made in the jewelry theme.


In addition to the designer of products, the jewelry house produces finished products, which we have placed in a full-fledged online store.

The catalog is implemented on the Wordpress CMS for greater customer convenience, such an implementation does not require the involvement of a developer to edit and add products.

Product card and Personal account

Each product has its own page, customizable for SEO and ads with blocks of similar products included.

As in any full-fledged online store, this project implemented a Personal Account with order history, data saving and online payment.

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