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Studio MISSOFFDESIGN is 15 years old!

How did MissOff come about?

Initially, Jeanne began to work as a graphic designer. From the first year of university, she began to fulfill the orders of friends and relatives, who were rarely highly paid and were more in the nature of gaining experience. But rather quickly took its place in graphic design.


The story behind the creation of the brand name is simple: Zhanna decided to call herself Miss Ovchinnikova at the university in 2007 thanks to the fashion for Americanism and glamor, which later transformed into Miss Offchinnikova, adding FF instead of B was considered funny in those years, many used this technique in naming. And later, when choosing a domain name, the name was cut down to MissOff.
MISSOFF branding
"As for the image, it's always difficult to draw a logo for yourself. You see a lot, you get inspired by a lot, every day you want to change something, paint something new, because something inspired me somewhere. It's very difficult to stop"

  The first motive was the sign of the zodiac and the character of Jeanne. Aries in sign and self-confidence, stubbornness and strength to defend their principles and opinions - gave the direction of the first MissOff logo. The ram's skull was used for a reason, Jeanne was very fond of the theme of the skeleton and bones in the drawing at the university, something solid, structural, primordial in her opinion.

Later, it was decided to simplify the logo when a complete rebranding and a total change in the look of the site was carried out. The motive for the logo was the shape of the octagon and the first letter in the name.
The most recent rebranding took place at the end of 2022, the logo has not changed much, but has acquired verbosity, already two letters as images of M and O.

As a birthday present for herself, Zhanna Alekseevna decided to publish a new redesign of the site.

Congratulations to Zhanna Alekseevna, the whole team of the MISSOFFDESIGN studio on an impressive date - 15 years! It's only the beginning)
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