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Presentation design in MissoffDesign

Business presentation design

A business presentation is an indispensable tool that facilitates high-quality communications between a partner or client and a corporation. The presentation conveys important information related to the organization and the product visually.

Differences between business presentations for speeches and readings

Presentations can be sent via e-mail or instant messengers to other employees or to the management council. It is also convenient to visually show the product on large screens in the office.

When visually displaying a product or product through instant messengers, a speaker is not needed, because all the key points are already in the document and are available to other employees. When displaying information to an open audience (personally to company employees), a speaker is needed who will give information about certain graphs and pictures. In addition, during personal communication, all employees pay attention to the speaker, and the pictures serve only as an auxiliary tool for a more colorful description of the details.

It is not recommended to use texts and similar information in such documents. Ideally, the presentation should consist exclusively of pictures. In other cases (for example, to show the expenses and income of a company), text is used in 12 to 14 point sizes. This is necessary so as not to overload employees with unnecessary information and off-topic data.

Create presentations

Presentations are created in a single PDF format for all devices, which can even be opened on a smartphone screen. The transfer of a document of this format is supported by all instant messengers and social networks, which makes communication between employees more efficient. If the speaker is presenting to the team, the first speaker can choose any file size, since he is the only one who sets up the screen and controls the lighting.

Thus, the presentation serves as a way to show employees the right information in different ways. However, it is important to properly format the document and make it easy to understand for each employee. In this case, it is better to contact trusted specialists.
Advantages of our company

In a presentation, the most important thing is to make a high-quality visual that will attract and hold the attention of readers. We work primarily on creating an attractive design and high-quality content of the document.

Our main advantages:

     interactive navigation. Different programs allow you to use slide numbering in the form of icons, shapes, or hyperlinks to other slides in the document. This option is great when there are about 10 slides in the file. We make sure that it is convenient for each reader to receive information, so we are working on navigation in the first place. Each employee can immediately open the desired section, while he always understands which layer is open in front of him. Also, when using navigation, at the request of the client, we can not add numbering, but leave the content.
     We use a comfortable number of slides for the presentation - from 10 pieces per presentation, which will last about twenty minutes. Such a document is suitable for a personal presentation or for sending a file to users by e-mail.
     Comfortable orientation. Many projects only support 4:3 files, but we make a 16:9 resolution comfortable for all types of screens. This format allows you to open three slides at once on one screen and quickly view the information of interest.
     We use a modular grid. This allows you to achieve success in the visual understanding of the document. Thanks to the modular grid, nothing superfluous appears on the screen. If the data doesn't fit on one layer, it can be split into two, making readers more receptive to information. We make a comfortable and equal retreat from the edges of the screen. This helps make the design more attractive.
     Dark theme for business presentation. We use a dark screen background to display information across device screens. If the presentation is to be printed later, we use light colors for data transmission so that printing requires less financial expenses and looks more comfortable on paper. We use contrasting colors to highlight relevant information.

Ready-made presentations have easy-to-understand diagrams and diagrams that are clearly visible from the screen of any device. Such statistics help to quickly understand what, for example, the expenses and incomes of the organization have reached this month.

Our specialists use a unique selling proposition (USP) right on the cover of the document - this helps to hook the client (if the presentation is sent to the masses) and draw his attention to the product. We add only verified information about your company, which makes online marketing more effective. All text and statistical data are designed by designers, which gives beautiful presentations for your company.

We use real cases in presentations, which allows us to show by examples what problems the organization can solve and in what period of time. If a company declares in a document that it is capable of solving just such an issue, in fact, this should immediately be confirmed by an example. For sales presentations, the facts-advantages of your organization are used in comparison with competitors' companies.
How is the work

Before starting work, our specialists collect all the information information about the corporation from its representative and agree on the main statistical parameters. Then preparation for work takes place - high-quality material is selected, the necessary diagrams and diagrams, pictures and font are selected. After that, the document itself is assembled, where reliable information is indicated on a separate slide in a reader-friendly format. The designer uses the optimal arrangement of elements on the screen, drawing the viewer's attention to certain details.

We have extensive experience in presentation design. To order the service, please contact our manager.

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