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Landing page with author's design


How to make a custom landing page

Websites are currently created by both large studios and freelancers. In this regard, the cost of landing varies greatly.

Landing cost calculation procedure

In most cases, the cost of work is calculated on an individual basis. The customer's answers to the quiz questions, as well as his wishes, are taken into account. The goals of creating the site, the availability of ready-made articles and prototypes, the trademark and corporate identity, the complexity of the functionality and the business segment are taken into account. The price is made up of:

     created blocks (screens) of the site;
     block packs;
     text characters;
     loaded product cards;
     the time spent by programmers to create an Internet resource.

Landing page design and its cost are also subject to consideration.

Reasons for common mistakes

The root cause of shortcomings when creating a landing page is the lack of well-coordinated teamwork. The customer is trying to reduce the cost of work, the head of the agency is trying to save on the work of a copywriter, and the copywriter is trying to flood the site with long texts stuffed with search words and phrases. As a result, the Internet resource begins to repel potential customers.

The specifics of the work of freelancers

Freelancers, competing with each other, often resort to dumping. The cost of a landing page varies from 2 to 10 thousand. The terms for creating a digital product can be 24-48 hours. Artists often offer a standard page created in accordance with the design template and texts of the customer, or rewrites of articles from similar sites. Marketing research is not carried out, and the absence of a contract carries certain financial risks.

In the light of the above, the disadvantages of template pages are uninteresting design, inadequate positioning of the product, as well as the lack of a competent differentiating idea.

The nuances of creating a landing page in the studio

The cost of the studio's work is affected by its rating, as well as the set of services in which it specializes:

     marketing research;
     support for landing pages in social networks.

In this case, the cost of a landing page can increase up to 60-100 thousand rubles. The quality of the created landing page is most often quite high due to the coordinated work of a team of specialists, which is coordinated by the project manager: layout designer, designer, marketer, copywriter, tester, etc.

An indicator of the quality of the work of the organization is the number of completed projects in combination with the financial performance of former customers. In addition to the created landing pages, setting up paid advertising, analytics structures, as well as measures aimed at increasing conversion can become a big advantage of the studio.

Is it possible to create a landing page in a web studio for 30-40 thousand rubles?

An artificial price reduction is possible when only a site prototype is included in the price. In this case, text filling is carried out for a fee. Or it is proposed to order a standard landing page design with the author's design without taking into account the wishes of the customer. Sometimes there are no specialized specialists in the state, for example, designers or marketers.

Recommended algorithm for creating a landing page

Practice has shown that the optimal result can be achieved by adhering to the following sequence:

     conducting a detailed survey (briefing) of the customer on the topic of the products he sells, his company, competitors and customers;
     studying the main competitors of the customer for the specifics of the services they provide;
     developing the structure of the landing page with options for 2-3 designs;
     typesetting layout;
     connecting the security service, as well as Yandex and Google Analytics metrics.

A selling landing page is created to sell and promote one product or one service. This is the purpose of the site. A minimum of functionality should be achieved. Only one page should work with a contact form for collecting applications. The terms for developing a unique design vary from 5 to 10 working days, the terms for layout - from 10 to 15 days, and the terms for testing - 5 days. The total cost of the work exceeds 90,000 rubles.

With a special desire of the customer to become the leader in their segment, the budget for creating a landing page can increase to 120-140 thousand rubles. In this case, you can additionally offer:

     unique illustrations and icons;
     perfect animation and its mobile version;
     basic site optimization;
     connected chats, widgets, telephony and crm-system.

When placing an order for a landing page with an author's design, it should be understood that the site being created will become a source of income for a long time, that is, in the long term. For this reason, you should think about the end results.

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