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UX design

Jane Artdir 05.04.2020

For an accessible transfer of the entire content of the pages, the selling site must have a thoughtful, intuitive and user-friendly interface. This is the basis of UX design – creating not only a beautiful picture, but also logic.

A well-executed design is a guarantee that the user will be able to achieve their goals in the simplest way: find information about services, place an order, scroll through the catalog, etc. Often, UX design works in tandem with UI design. Thus, all the necessary information is presented to users in an understandable, convenient and beautiful form.

5 advantages of UX design

Many startup owners who plan to develop a website for their business are uncertain whether to invest in UX design. Here are a few reasons to use it:

Customer loyalty. A well-implemented website that meets the requirements and expectations of visitors will increase their loyalty. Provided that it will be affordable, useful and usable.
Clear navigation. You can be sure that visitors go from one page to another without any problems.
Logical presentation of content. It should be organized so as not to confuse the user.
Increased user experience. The site should provide a positive experience. UX design will help make the page more personalized.
Attracting a large number of customers. Attractive design is able to attract the attention of potential customers the best. They will return to your site again, which will increase conversion rates.

If you are interested in attracting the attention of a wide audience, increase sales and interest of the target audience, please contact our company. We create just such web projects.

Design Stages

In order to make the site as effective as possible, initially we study all the information about the client’s project (specifics of the business, competitors ’capabilities, etc.). We also find out the target audience and analyze the market situation. After a detailed discussion of the project, we proceed to the design of the website structure. The information architecture of the project is thought out taking into account the functional specificity. Particular attention is paid to rendering a unique design. You can be sure that every detail of the user interface will be drawn in detail, and all user scenarios will be carefully thought out. Also, if necessary, we create a prototype site, which in the future can be adapted for mobile devices.

Design is created in the Figma online program, so our customers have access to the project at any time. To see at what stage design development is, just go to its address. In the online program you can make changes, ask questions, leave comments. Our company implements the most advanced solutions so that the client is always satisfied. Working with us, you will be able to receive all the necessary information quickly, without coming to the designer’s office. And forever forget about sending dozens of files with minor corrections.