Website development for the Jewelry brand in Switzerland

Desktop, tablet, mobile version

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Develop an interface for the Jewelry online-store with constructor of the custom jewels.

The goal is to create a simple and clear order panel with all the details in a pretty way, but also with great ux.


The logo, in the center of which is a stylized diamond composition, as a direct association with the theme of the site.

Social network and other icons are familiar location on the site for the usability, but also designed to be not very heavy and too catchy.

Info pages

Pretty simple and structured interface of informational pages to reflect all the neede info

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Metals and stones

It is a very important part of the site, the ordering constructor with types of metals, shapes, stones and clarity opthions with visual images.


Different styles of the jewels took a loot of time to be structured, because of the variety of jewels nowadays. In this block the clients was the main expert to set the types.

stones stones stones


We spend a lot of time on helping visitors to choose, order and pay the product.

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Even if it is a constructor in a classic way, we did not forget to put a bit of creativity on it. So all the details of the interface are made in a jewelry theme.

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