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Mobile app development

Why is mobile app development expensive?

Jane Artdir 02.04.2020

A modern person uses dozens of applications on his smartphone every day. They have become commonplace. And no one usually even wonders how much time, effort and, more importantly, the money went into development. But creating a mobile application is expensive. And sometimes VERY expensive! But why? Let’s get it right.

A good functional and convenient application can cost 30-50 thousand dollars. Or even more. And this is not a whim of developers, but a completely logical pricing policy.

Among the main factors of high prices, we distinguish the following:

Hundreds of hours go to work

The complex structure, number and type of supported devices, the staff of developers, the development of each element of the program, testing – all this takes a lot of time. Often, to create one seemingly simple program for a smartphone, it takes months of continuous work of a whole team of specialists.

Introducing particularly costly features

The backend, admin panel, support for multiple users in the application, integration with other devices, the use of hardware components, AR, capturing facial expressions, connecting third-party services are especially expensive.

Must be supported by different devices

In 2007, the first iPhone appeared, there were no similar alternatives. At that moment, there was no question of cross-platform – it was not needed. Now we have several operating systems and hundreds of devices with different screen sizes, resolutions, cutouts, technical specifications. Developers are required to ensure that the application works equally well on all current devices. And it takes time, effort and, of course, money.

Really good developers are extremely few

The work of developers is so highly regarded due to the small number of real pros. Companies fight for staff and motivate employees with good pay. As long as the market for mobile software developers is not oversaturated, their services will be expensive. And saving in this matter is extremely inappropriate if you need a good result.

Work on the application does not end at the time of publication in the application store

Promotion, support, updating, implementation of new functions – all this happens after the publication of the program. And it also costs money. Sometimes much larger than the development itself. After all, you will need to maintain the application for years or even decades, supporting and updating it.

To pay or not is only your choice. But practice shows that today the lack of a mobile application can be more expensive for a company than its development and launch. Indeed, every year users get more content through a smartphone. And also make purchases, order a taxi, food delivery and much more. Give your customers a convenient tool, and your business will make a huge leap forward, and all expenses will pay off tens or hundreds of times. Development of a mobile application is now a real necessity and a good reserve for the future. If you recall, the need for a website was questioned by many even 3-5 years ago.