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Web design

Make a website on an online constructor or hire professionals?

Jane Artdir 31.03.2020

Today, anyone can create a fully operational website from scratch. And for this you do not need to have design, layout and programming skills. It is enough to use one of the many available constructors. But if everything is so simple, why do serious companies continue to contact professional web studios? Let’s try to understand the main advantages and disadvantages of using online constructors.


You can create a site yourself

It is a fact. Without even knowing what HTML, CSS and JavaScript are, you can make a functional, convenient and intuitive website. You can use the ready-made template, fill it with your text and images.

Cheap rates

Many designers are completely free or offer a free trial period. You can try all the tools in action and decide whether this solution suits you without spending a dime.

All the necessary tools in one place

Such platforms offer you to immediately buy a domain name, pay for hosting and more. And many integrable modules make it possible not to use third-party resources and tools at all.

High development speed

If you need to create a simple landing page or a business card site, a couple of hours is enough for this. Maximum – a few days. The process is intuitive and simple. In addition, most designers provide comprehensive training, allowing literally in a couple of minutes to master all the basic tools and begin development.


In fact, the site does not belong to you

Almost always, you will not have full rights to the site. If you forget to pay at the rate, the website can simply be blocked or completely removed from the Internet. But not all constructors allow downloading it and moving it to another hosting.

Promotion Restrictions

Even paid versions often have limitations in terms of setting up SEO promotion. And search engines do not really like such sites. Remember the last time you saw a website created on some Wix in the top of the list?

Template design

Yes, working with templates is convenient and fast. But they impose many restrictions. Most likely, your site will look like hundreds or even thousands of others. And this is a big minus. Users are likely to notice the pattern. And, again, search engines also “don’t like” this.

Low speed

Designer’s sites are often overloaded and run slowly. Sometimes it is very noticeable. In addition, Google is now introducing a new tool into the Chrome browser that will indicate that a particular site is loading slowly. His position in search results will also fall.


Can you use site builders? Undoubtedly. But only if you need some simple business card website, portfolio page and the like. That you will not be actively promoting, but simply sending out in a convenient way. If you need a comprehensive site that will advance and develop in the future, the designer will not work at all – it’s better not to waste time, but contact a professional web studio.