The most important UX and UI design trends


The Internet is changing at a tremendous pace. And along with it are the trends in UX and UI design. We have compiled for you a list of the most popular and current trends, which we use ourselves and recommend others to use.

I would like to start with the context. There should be no generalizations in UIX / UI, each element is connected with others, relies on them and interacts to a certain extent. And based on this, we can talk about other trends in UI development.

  • Purposeful animation. Modern browsers are great at handling animations of almost any complexity, including motion design. Using movements, transitions, changing colors and shapes, you can convey more information to the user, make interaction with the interface convenient and understandable.
  • Competent use of empty space. The client should be involved at all levels, his attention should be as riveted as possible to the product. And “white spots” in the interface do not contribute to this at all. You need to get rid of them.
  • Thoughtful logos. You can order a logo that seems to reflect the essence of your company, but at the same time it does not work at all, is not remembered. It is necessary to think in more detail about what elements the logo will consist of, how it will be perceived by the viewer, how to “revive” it with the help of animation and make it memorable.
  • Deep Flat is a competent hierarchy of site pages. Decisions about exactly how content should be grouped can have dramatic consequences for how your site structure works (or doesn’t work) for users. To analyze how the structure will work, we often need to create a visualization that shows a high-level view of how the different pages of the site relate to each other.
  • Surrealism in design. Modern interface design should surprise, arouse interest, and have an emotional impact. Therefore, light surrealism can be a great solution. A striking example of this is Google Doodle, doodles timed to certain events in the calendar. Unusual design and creative execution perfectly attract attention.
  • Gradients, bright contrasting colors, dark backgrounds. This trend is driven in large part by the significant modernization of modern screens. If on old monitors such solutions would look, to put it mildly, bad (and frankly, disgusting), then on modern monitors they give a simply stunning effect – from complex gradient transitions to neon glow.
  • Variable fonts. They have already become indispensable in responsive design and localization. Designers will no longer have to think for a long time where the text will be placed on a particular screen (especially on a small one). Variable fonts almost completely solve this problem.
  • Day / night mode. Interaction with the interface sometimes requires certain conveniences, such as black and white text. Respecting all classes and ages, we consider it necessary to place all multi-text content on pages, with a choice of light or dark execution.

And these are far from all the trends in UX and UI that exist now or will become relevant in the near future. But they radically change the very perception of content, the process of interacting with interfaces and understanding how it works. And our studio in St. Petersburg offers you similar solutions right now.