Site of Volleyball club “Dynamo-LO”



We finished the site of the Dynamo-LO volleyball club, to admit, the site turned out to be fiery. The work is really cool, and a great combination of adaptive with fixed dies, and great usability, which completely satisfied everyone, both customers and users. And a wonderful palette, Dynamo is a lifestyle, and we picked it up and plunged head first))

This is a success.

So, let’s start analyzing the site for the Dynamo-LO volleyball club. The goal, voiced by the customer, was to create a user-friendly site with adaptive and a set of functions that are very important for both the customer and the site visitors.

We certainly began with an analysis of the existing site, the structure required reorganization, and in principle, from the images, one can understand that first the content was divided by the frequency of requests, and then all sections were formed into groups by directions.

What’s important here:
the beauty of any uix is that we competently put everything in its place, in the order in which the user wants it. There is a very thin line between changes in the structure, which at first will be unusual for those who are accustomed to the old, but native and understandable to those who have visited the site for the first time.

What you shouldn’t be afraid of:
total changes are not a sign of stupidity or a mistake, on the contrary, if changes are necessary, then making them is an extremely important step that will open up new opportunities. After all, as you know, Fool is the person who never changes his mind.

Today, the Site is a window into your business, you can look into it without leaving your home, consider what is on the shelves and place an order through the same window. But, you see, we are more willing to look into those windows that are fresh and washed, where everything on the shelves is logical and neat. And we love to establish information order


The juiciest place on any site. The main screen is what the user sees when opening the site on the main page, exactly what gets to the screen is the main screen.

The task was not easy, I wanted to fit both the played matches and the upcoming ones, the title sponsor and the window for broadcasts, and okay the desktop, but the mobile phone .. In general, we tried our best.

During the absence of broadcasts and announcements, a stub picture was installed on the site.

This is followed by the main screen with the included announcement

Further – its mobile version (with a mechanical impersonal hand and a phone) and at the time of broadcasting, an iframe is installed at the place of the announcement recording with the ability to view it right in this window.

Pay attention to the adaptive match cards, they were finalized already at the testing stage and nevertheless added the names of the teams, which, however, did not interfere, but was integrated very succinctly.

We also satisfied the club’s request to post links to match statistics (pdf), gallery (from the gallery section) and announcement (news article) right in the match card itself.

Definitely, these cards surpassed the entire content of the site in terms of workload and informational content, but I must admit that their most pleasant plus is that they are edited directly from the admin panel, the club adds everything itself, and there is no connection to the developer company, which many customers are so afraid of, having past negative experience dependence on programmers.

Command Pages

The club has two teams, a member of the Parimatch Super League – Dynamo-LO and a member of the youth league – Dynamo-LO-2. Each of the teams has its own games, its own calendar of games, and of course its own coaches and players. But search queries are also separate. Anyone who is looking for a youth team wants to get on the youth team page, and this is logical.

Therefore, teams have two separate pages. Absolutely identical in structure, but so harmonious. Well, again, there is an opportunity to place content unique for each league, recruitment to a youth team or sale of tickets for Super League games.


The rest of the pages were conceived, created and implemented in the same style. The site is still young, is gaining momentum, is overgrown with content, until all the employees were at the photoset, until all the sponsors prepared content about themselves, but the fact remains that this is a full-fledged portal for a volleyball club, where all information is added by the club’s employees, and not by the developer …

Entertaining content

The cost of this site is 3060€