Dynamo Sports Facility Administration website




When starting to develop websites, the most difficult thing is to design the structure of services from ‘scratch’. When the organization itself or the customer cannot systematize the types of services and goods according to directions. The directions can be different – the frequency of requests (frequent / infrequent), the type of cooperation (sale / rent), and this is how in working with the OSS Dynamo website – a unique structure – segmentation by venue and by sport. At the Dynamo Stadium on Krestovsky on one site, fields for 3-4 kinds of sports can be presented at once, and not a knowledgeable client cannot guess that the treadmills are located in the athletics core, but he should not guess! It is our task to arrange everything on the shelves so that the client goes where he wanted and finds what he was looking for.

Therefore, at first, the map of the complex with all the playgrounds was completely ‘combed’, all kinds of sports were isolated and all kinds of services on the territory were defined. Well, the sitemap was created.


Next, we got down to the main screen. It should still be able to view all types of services, but again without intrusive mountains of buttons and complex structural elements. The principle of drop-down lists was chosen and the division into three types: by venue, by sport and by country.

When choosing a sport that is available at several venues (open and indoor fields), the choice of the field type pops up to go to the desired page with the current price list.


When selecting the ‘Sportmanezh’ site, the user is taken to the site page, just as when choosing the desired sport and type of field (for example, indoor), he also goes to the ‘Sportmanezh’ page, because the indoor volleyball field is located there.

On the page of each site there is the necessary information (phones, hours of operation, photos) and prices for all services provided by this site. Next, we will analyze separately the cards with prices using a complex example.


Most of the services on this site have subspecies and additional options (for example, renting the entire field, half of the field, quarter of the field). For convenience and at least some entertainment of the user, we have added switches on the complex price list. Still, you need to understand that the human eye, and indeed the brain, can process boring lists with prices, but is this the purpose of sites?

Many clients tell us ‘it will be just a price list’, but we always insist on a detailed price list with details, examples, perhaps a calculation. The user loves to be thought about and taken care of. Time is money, and it is often much more difficult to understand the list with prices than in the expanded playful price list with cards. Especially if the user sees this price for the first time in his life.


Of course, we could not do without contact pages, about the complex, maps and others. If everything is very clear with the first two, then the page of the map of the complex did not allow us to sleep peacefully for a long time. We couldn’t find a graphical solution. After all, I did not want to overload such a complex site with a self-written map, and a graphic map without the possibility of detailed examination and description of objects did not fit, people often got lost on the territory and could not find the desired site.

It was decided to create a map in Yandex and, having marked on it all objects with descriptions and clear points on the map, place it in a frame on the ‘Map of the complex’ page. And everyone is happy, and everyone is comfortable.


In general, the site came out, of course, insanely functional, very stylish and, most importantly, easy to download and perform (hello, SEO). Excellent help for advertising and indexing by search engines.

The cost of this site is 1400€