Medical device supplier MTEE website


So the website for the russian Medical Technical Engineering company has been published. The background of the site is very simple – a business card site was needed for a company distributing medical equipment in the Russian Federation. From the initial data, examples of sites that correspond to the customer’s area were given, examples of sites that the customer likes and information about products and services. The timing is the fastest.

Home Screen – Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

We write both your USP (which the client provides to us) and write new ones. We have professional marketers and copywriters at our disposal who transform the benefits of your business into a unique offer. On the main screen, this time it was decided to place a menu of buttons instead of a button for assembling applications. The goal was to highlight the benefits and the product itself to screen out leads in relation to a narrow segment.

Company advantages

A business card site has the necessary fields, which allows you to highlight all the benefits of your business right on the home page. When ordering a site, you can choose a multi-page (when the buttons navigate to other pages), or you can choose a single page with a scroll and “anchors”, that is, when you click the “advantages” button, the page will scroll to the “advantages” block without changing the page.

Information about the company

Any site requires a brief (or detailed) information about the company. This increases the loyalty of potential customers, because without representation it is difficult to communicate with a person, as well as with a company.

Feedback form for collecting applications

The form fully complies with all the rules and regulations for the collection of Leads (applications). First of all, it is necessary for potential customers who do not want to communicate by phone. All people are different and we know this very well and give the opportunity to receive information in any way convenient for the client.

Full footer of the site with the necessary information

Do not forget about federal laws that protect customer personal data or about the rules for using your site. We always adhere to the current requirements and create a full-fledged footer for each site that we develop.

Development time – 12 days
The cost of this site is 950€
Logo and identity – 350€