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It describes the creation of a unique portfolio site for a unique architect according to the wishes of the customer =) Selection of a domain name, branding, corporate identity, a complete package from scratch.

But this time the customer already knew what she wanted. She knows her niche very well, her competitors, and has researched other sites to find the desired effects. Therefore, market research consisted only of a clear definition of the target audience and additional functions that can be used in the field of architectural sites. We started with the logo. Once upon a time, while still engaged in graphic design only, we created a unique logo for the customer, which she has used until now. Now, when the need for a website arose, she decided to change the logo.

branding for an architect darina kazachenko

The main direction of the architectural bureau is country houses made of timber, so it was decided to use the texture of wood. We tried to take the drawing designation of the timber as a basis, but we were not satisfied with this idea. And as a result, we settled on a fingerprint with a wood texture. This idea was supported by a business card, on which, when handing over to the interlocutor with his right hand, the architect seems to leave his fingerprint. The color scheme dictated itself when looking at the client’s portfolio. Obviously, wood dictates certain shades both in the interior and in the graphics.

Business card effect with a fingerprint
Finished brand identity for an architect darina kazachenko

Menu implementation

Next, we started implementing the home page. We wanted to get away from the standardized sliders on the main screens of other studios, too corny. Although in the mobile version, the effect of page displacement remained, but the slider still switches when you click on the preview, which shows a random area of images in the lower area. By this we wanted to show that it is not necessary to demonstrate the entire frame in a preview, in the fine and high architectural art of our client, every detail is thought out.

The implementation of the menus and drop-down lists for us are small episodes that make up the overall picture of the site. Therefore, we implemented some of our favorite animations.

As for the infographic, you can see it in the services section. Nothing fancy, just a stylish table.

But the portfolio page turned to be total extraordinary thing on this website, which make us feel proud even after two years we did it. For the switching between images and projects function we have chosen a joystick with set of buttons, that are clear and native. Just have a look at it and you will understand what mean.

So, for now this website has all the functions that Portfolio site for an architect must have, so it may be your site the next one, with even more interesting features and design.

See the rest and try it on the site https://dk.studio itself. We especially advise you to play with the portfolio, there is a gorgeous implementation of the joystick for navigating through the projects.

Website development cost 1500€

The cost of branding development 350€

Terms of website development 45 working days

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