Transparent setting of tasks and their execution


We have already told you that any of our clients can watch online how the work on their project is being carried out, make timely comments and conveniently communicate with our designers and managers at each stage of cooperation. But that’s not all that MISSOFFDESIGN offers. We have qualitatively improved our entire management, which allowed us to bring interaction with the client to a new level.

We use Trello for the most effective teamwork

So what is Trello?

It is one of the most popular online project management systems in the world. It allows you to assign tasks online for each employee, indicate deadlines, a list of upcoming works and much more. All this is done using the so-called kanban boards – cards with information about the performer, the senior on the project, task, deadlines, etc.

In simpler terms, Trello is an online board that contains all the information on current tasks, assignees, and progress. Typically, tasks are categorized into planned, ongoing, and completed.

What are the advantages of such a scheme of work for you

Thanks to the fact that we use Trello in our work, you get a number of really compelling advantages:

  • The use of the system is completely free. Other companies often use paid CRM, including their price in their services. You don’t pay extra for anything.
  • The ability to track all tasks online. At any time of the day, go to the address that we will provide you to see which stages of work have already been completed, which are in the process, and which are only at the planning stage.
  • Clear and transparent structuring of all tasks. You will clearly see who is specifically working on a specific task, whether he has time to meet the agreed deadline, how effectively he copes with the work.
  • Convenient communication. You can at any time make your own additions to the cards to which you have access, create new tasks, make changes to existing ones. And all this without dozens of calls, trips to the office and personal discussion – just a couple of minutes of business.
  • Support for almost any modern device. You don’t need to use the web version of Trello. You can simply install the proprietary application on your smartphone or tablet so that the information is always at your fingertips.

We are confident that the design development process should be convenient, understandable and transparent for everyone.

Using the online editor Figma in conjunction with Trello makes the studio-client communication process completely new. You can literally see every step of ours and you can directly make your adjustments in the process so that we implement the changes as soon as possible.

Accordingly, our design will not require any improvements in the future – after all, you personally follow its creation. And most importantly – no additional payments for these very improvements. We know how much speed, accuracy and diligence are important in the modern world. And using the latest technologies, we achieve all this without much effort. And you, in turn, save time, money and nerves.

With MISSOFFDESIGN, you will forget about the constant transfer of files, tedious email correspondence or regular calls with or without reason. All this has long been in the past!