How it all began from graphic design to UI/UX design for our founder


Graphic design

New article released on Google Medium, have a look at how Miss Jane Off started the design way of her life.

“I loved to arrange objects on the table in front of me in a certain pattern. Surely, many of you are doing this as well. Rectangular objects such as books laying as the outer border for the zone drawn only in my head, where other objects were structurally and blockly laid out. From the outside, to people who did not understand this process, it probably looked strange)) But when I noticed this among the students whom I assisted being in the fourth year of my own faculty then with the care of an attentive teacher I noticed that this child will definitely succeed absolutely everything in design. After all, to see the structure of objects and their details invisible to others is the most important of the tasks in graphic design. Show visually to others the connection of sometimes “unrelated” objects. Create the desired image from the minimum number of fragments. Nothing more, just the essence”

Jane is writing about the Art school, courses, university and experience she gained there.

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