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What does the service consist of?

The formation of an SMM promotion strategy depends on the budget, timing and desired results. Aggressive campaigns require large investments in the shortest possible time to get results quickly. While stable maintenance of channel for presence in all social networks and publics is a long and technical process with a fixed amount of payment per month.

Cooperation format

We are always happy to form a commercial offer for you based on your goals, wishes and competitive features.

Task - Creation of a detailed technical assignment for work with a description of the stages, deadlines and necessary features of the task.

From frequent requests in our Task: maintaining all channels with hosting and consultations, creating and filling channels to launch further advertising

Stages of project delivery

Contract – We work as a legal entity under a contract. We will provide a blank of the contract, we will help to formulate additional clauses. We do bookkeeping, provide all the necessary documents for reporting.

100% prepayment for project cost up to 2000€, more than 2000€ projects are divided into stages.

Delivery of the project - The final work is submitted in the form described in the Task. The format and frequency of reporting depends on your wishes. Also, at the end, certificates of acceptance and transfer of materials are signed in the approved format.

Hourly payed work
Monthly work
from 1000€
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