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What does the service consist of?
The purpose of branding is to formulate a clear brand image, as well as to determine the target audience with which it will need to interact. In fact, with its help you can achieve a lot, namely:
maintaining the proper level of planned sales;
increase in profits as a result of an increase in the range;
accounting for consumer requests;
formation of plans for the future.
However, the most important aspect of branding is the so-called price premium. A recognizable product is always easier to sell at a higher cost than a faceless counterpart. From this follows the main task of branding, which is to meet the expectations of potential customers in order to guarantee them such emotions.
In addition, a good brand can often replace advertising, which gives a periodically fading surge in sales. Branding, on the other hand, makes it possible to get stable associations from buyers.
Cooperation format
Task - Creation of a detailed design specification with a description of the stages, deadlines and necessary features of the task.

Design - Development of 2-3 different sketches of logos to determine the style, after choosing one, a complete rendering of the selected logo with the formation of all necessary combinations and placements.

Formation of the corporate identity of the brand, including fonts, color layout, corporate elements, if necessary, the layout of two business cards (employee and company) and up to 3 layouts for the task: letterhead, envelope, tag, certificate, postcard, etc.
Stages of project delivery
Contract – We work as a legal entity under a contract. We will provide a blank of the contract, we will help to formulate additional clauses. We do bookkeeping, provide all the necessary documents for reporting.

100% prepayment.

Delivery of the project - The final work is submitted as a file in the format described in the Task, a backup copy is stored with us indefinitely and can be provided upon request. Access to the project development file can be closed after the work is completed. Also, at the end, certificates of acceptance and transfer of materials are signed in the approved format.
Hourly payed work
Turnkey brand creation
from 1000€
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